Friday, December 14, 2012

RegawMOD Bootloader Customizer for the Evo 4G LTE

Ok, I was just made aware of something!
My G74SX had everything set to be blown up!
Here are some screenshots! -


As you'll see, it's my computers fault that the RegawMOD Bootloader Customizer Tool showed up weird in this video! Everything was set to 125% instead of 100%, to make things easier to read. I did NOT know about this until today, thanks to Slappy_G on XDA!

RegawMOD Bootloader Customizer 3.0
XDA Thread:

Please download the tool from the link above.
I have however, provided a mirror just in case.

MediaFire Mirror: [NEW]
MD5: 3dfd5fe94f9bdeac174c774820a7021b

These are OLD! The password is "old"
Just want to make that VERY clear! :)

MediaFire Mirror: [OLD]
MD5: 8e1a8b45e50cc857d699f206d45dd8e2

MediaFire Mirror: [OLD]
MD5: 04648ada0b3436ae6fe15871f46780a5

Verify the MD5 with DownThemAll or WinMD5Sum

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