Friday, December 14, 2012

Master collection of accessories for the Evo LTE

Heavy Duty
Otterbox Series: ├XDA Discussion┤├OtterBox
-Defender ├Best Buy┤├OtterBox

-Commuter ├Ebay┤├OtterBox

Seidio Series:
-Seidio Platinum ├XDA Discussion┤├Best Buy

-Surface ├Case Only┤├Combo with holster

-Active ├Case only┤├Combo with holster

-Convert Combo ├XDA Discussion┤├

-Naked phone holster ├

Ventev: ├

-Edge ├XDA Discussion
Case + Holster Black

Case + Holster Red

Case + Holster White

CruzerLite: ├XDA Discussion - 2┤├
Diztronic: ├XDA Discussion┤├

-Matte Black ├XDA Discussion┤├Amazon┤├TPU-Cases

CaseMate Pop2: ├XDA Discussion┤├Amazon

Body Glove: ├
-Tactic ├XDA Discussion┤├Ebay┤├Tessco
RocketFish SoftCase:XDA Discussion┤ ├RocketFish

Screen/Body Protectors
Zagg InvisibleSHIELD: ├XDA Discussion┤├

-InvisibleSHIELD ├
-InvisibleSHIELD HD ├Best Buy┤ NOTE: There are reports of these covers being misaligned and messing with the proximity sensor. Zagg knows and are making adjustments to their product.
XOSkins ├GNex XDA Discussion┤├

-Full Body ├
Seidio: ├

Skinomi: ├

Steinheil: ├XDA Discussion┤├Spigen

Media Devices
HTC Media Link HD: ├XDA Discussion┤├HTC
HTC Stereo Clip: ├HTC

Bluetooth Devices
Samsung Bluetooth Stereo Headset: ├Samsung

TuneLink Auto: ├NewPotatoTech

Sprint Car Dock: ├XDA Discussion┤├Sprint

HDMI Desktop Cradle ├

USB Cradle ├

NFC Tags: ├XDA Discussion
Lots of everything: ├

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