Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Updated Emoji font for Android

Before trying this, you must be rooted and also perform a backup (Rom Manager)
You will need Root Explorer to transfer the files
Download from :
Copy all files to your SD Card
Delete gcsh00d-hkscs1.ttf 
Copy all other files to system/fonts
Reboot and enjoy
Any issues go to a Palringo app chat room "scourage pub" and ask for Mahlhavoc
Credit to Mahlhavoc

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Post from Google Plus to Twitter and Facebook while mobile

The only work around that I know of lets your Google+ posts also post to Twitter and Facebook. You have to authorize your account and include "Rob McGee" in the G+ posts.
"Rob McGee" is a virtual account and was formerly known as Agent-G. Not sure why the name was changed. Greatest drawback I've found is that if your G+ post includes a pic, it is not included in the subsequent posts to Facebook and Twitter; in those instances you need to manually include a link to where the image is stored (like yfrog, twitpic or imgur).
Credit goes to "ro1224"

Sunday, February 5, 2012

[Shell Extension]Display APK icons from explorer

Original Post
9/2/2011 UPDATE:
V2.1 release, fix the explorer no response when first time adb start.
If you find no response when installing, try reconnect your device
Any feedback is welcome!
8/24/2011 UPDATE:
V2.0 can install the app directly from context menu, do not forget to connect your phone first.
Please read the wiki page first
Sorry for let you waiting so long, here are some UPDATE:

Working well on win7 32bit & 64bit, please see the wiki page on
Now it requires .net framework 4, there is a download link on wiki page.

Thanks to dds.feng, he reminded me that I have this project pending, and he brings an important patch.

Good luck everyone.

Hi, All
I found it's difficult to find a correct apk file among names when I want to install one to my lovely G1, then I did a windows extension.

you need .NET framework 2.0 or above installed.
download the dll here

Works Only on XP 32bit and possibly on win7 32bit.
Doesn't work on x64 platform for now. It's ok if you want a try

extract all stuff in the zip,
excute reg.bat,
after register successfully, you will got, probably you need a reboot

please feedback directly on the project page or mail:

It's created with VStudio 2008 express and c#, you can also find the source on project page.

I will keep updating this. Good luck!