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[MOD] Lockrings V2.XX (added mikmik lockring)

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[MOD] Lockrings V2.XX (added mikmik lockring)

Hey guys, these are flashable and odexed. They are made for MikG V2.XX and for Chogardjr Full Theme v2.XX. They should work on any theme based on MikGv2.XX though. (nandroid first) Thanks aamikam for the awesome Rom. Thanks Cho for the Blue Themed Apks. Thanks iaccax for the Insomnia pngs. (to flash, wipe dalvich and cache and then flash)

Big, Big thanks to Cmonsterf50 for helping me keep up with the lockring request. Thank you sir !! 

Decompressed Lockrings are for MikG 2.42 and above, the rest are for MikG 2.41 and below. 


Just paying Homage, this is one of my favorites. (thanks nick for the inspiration) 
Mik Mik Roadrunner Lockring (decompressed)

Flash this to go back to the default Lock Ring 
Default Lock Ring
Default (decompressed)

Blue Circle Lock Ring
Red Circle Lock Ring

Dark Blue Lock Ring
Dark Red Lock Ring

Insomnia Lock Ring
Red Insomnia Lock Ring
Blue Insomina (Decompressed)
Red Insomnia (Decompressed)
Insomnia with White Glow (decompressed)
Insomnia Lime Green Glow (decompressed)

Skull Lock Ring
Red Skull Lock Ring

Ubuntu Blue Lock Ring
Ubuntu Red Lock Ring

Blue Droid Eye
Red Droid Eye

TransBlue Hazard Lock Ring
TransRed Hazard Lock Ring

Blue Moon Lock Ring

Black Carbon Fiber Remix
Same as carbon Remix but with close up of carbon pattern

Black Carbon Fiber 

Some Default Colored Lock Rings 

Default Pink
Default Purple
Default Red
Default BlueDefault Light Blue (Decompressed)
Default Cho BlueDefault Cho Blue (Decompressed)
Default GreenDefault Green (Decompressed)
Default BlackDefault Black (Decompressed)Default OrangeDefault Orange (Decompressed)
Darker Default GreyDefault Grey (Decompressed)Default White (decompressed) Made by Comonsterf50. Don't forget to give him thanks =)
Flat Black (Decmpressed) Made by Comonsterf50. Don't forget to give him thanks =)

Here are a couple more 

Honeycomb Bee
Red Honeycomb Bee
Lord Of The RingsLord of the Rings (Decompressed)
Honeycomb Clock
Blue Skull 2
Red Skull Lockring 2
Metal N Carbon
Metal N Carbon (decompressed)
Black/Grey Camo
Blue Camo
WoodDay of Dead Skull(Decompressed)

Here are some that were requested 

Purple Bike Rim
Red Maltese Cross
Poke Ball
Liberty Bell
Rush Starman
Super User
Winnie the Pooh Head (Decompressed)
Purple Andy (Decompressed)
Hello Kitty (Decompressed)
Jolly Roger (Decompressed)

Super Hero Lockrings 

Silver/Black Batman
Superman Sliver
Green Lantern


U of G (credit to Taykiin)
Red devil (credit to Taykiin)
Ohio State (credit to Taykiin)
Crimson Tide
OU Sooners (credit to Taykiin)
Penn State (credit to Taykiin)
Texas AM aggies
Long Horns
Florida Gators
CT Script ATennessee Vols (Decompressed)
Oregon Ducks (Decompressed)
Michigan State Block S (Decompressed)
Sparty (Decompressed)Boise State (Decompressed)Oregon O (Decompressed) Made by Comonsterf50. Don't forget to give him thanks =)
Oregon Duck W/ Wings (Decompresses) Made by Comonsterf50. Don't forget to give him thanks =)


Detroit Tigers 1
Detroit Tigers 2
NY Yankees
Grey / Black NYY
SF Giants
SF Giants 2010 champs
SF Giants 3
Cardinals old skool logo (decompressed)
Pirates (decompressed)
Seatle Mariners (Decompressed)Atlanta Braves (Decompressed)Boston RedSoX (decompressed)


Los Angeles Kings
CapitalsCanucs (Decompressed)


NFL logo 1
NFL logo 2
Dallas CowboysDallas Cowboys (Decompressed)
NY Giants
Miami Dolphins
Steelers (Decompressed)
Chargers (Decompressed)
Browns (Decompressed)
Seahawks (Decompressed)
Chicago Bears (decomressed)
Phili Eagles (Decompressed)
Denver Broncos (decompressed)Detroit Lions (Decompressed)
Green Bay (Decompressed)



Car Logos 

Land Rover
Honda with Blue Glow
Harley DavidsonHarley Davidson (Decompressed)
PorscheToyota (Decompressed)Ferrari Shield (Decompressed) Made by Comonsterf50. Don't forget to give him thanks =).
Lamborghini (Decompressed)Made by Comonsterf50. Don't forget to give him thanksv =).
Viper Red (Decompressed) Made by Comonsterf50. Don't forget to give him thanks =).

These weather lock screens did not work on my mik g 2.55 set up. I would not try it and if you do make sure you nandroid back up first.

Here is a blue Weather Lockscreen. Its decompressed for mikG 2.42 and 2.45. Just install like a market apk, then do a normal reboot. (dont go into the lockscreen untill you reboot first)

Blue Weather Lockscreen

Here is one that was requested. I also made it in Red just in case.

Blue Weather #2Blue weather #2 night and rain images swapped
Red Weather

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  1. Hey is it possible for you to make a "Green Synergy Rom" lock ring? All i can find is a blue one! Please help!