Friday, March 30, 2012

Lotto Results

Lotto Results
Latest lotto results for all lottery states in the US.
Attention T-Mobile Users: If you can't get lottery updates over 3G/4G connection, please check your Web Guard settings. For more information regarding Web Guard, go to
Quick and easy access to the latest state lottery results in the US. Features include jackpot information and up to one year of drawing history plus prize level/payout information.
Lottery results and jackpot information for Mega Millions, Powerball, Hot Lotto, Wild Card 2, 2by2, Decades of Dollars, Win for Life and state lottery games:
* Arizona (The Pick, Fantasy 5 (Pick 5), CA$H4, 2by2, Pick 3)
* Arkansas (Cash 4, Cash 3)
* California (SuperLOTTO Plus, Fantasy 5, Daily 4, Daily 3, Daily Derby,Mega Millions)
* Colorado (Lotto, Cash 5, MatchPlay)
* Connecticut (Classic Lotto, Cash5, Play3, Play4, Lucky for Life)
* Delaware (Multi-Win Lotto, Cash 5, Play4, Play3)
* District of Columbia (DC-5, DC-4, DC-3)
* Florida (Florida Lotto, Mega Money, FANTASY 5, PLAY 4, CASH 3,Powerball)
* Georgia (Decades of Dollars, Win For Life, Fantasy 5, Georgia FIVE, Cash 3, Cash 4)
* Idaho (Wild Card 2, Weekly Grand, Pick 3)
* Illinois (Lotto, Little Lotto, Pick 3, Pick 4)
* Indiana (Hoosier Lotto, Tag 6, Mix & Match, Lucky 5, Daily 4, Daily 3, Quick Draw)
* Iowa ($100,000 Cash Game, Pick 4, Pick 3)
* Kansas (Super Kansas Cash, Pick 3)
* Kentucky (Decades of Dollars, Pick 3, Pick 4, Cash Ball, 5 Card Cash)
* Louisiana (Lotto, Easy 5, Pick 4, Pick 3)
* Maine (Tri-State MegaBucks Plus, Tri-State Pick 4, Tri-State Pick 3, Lucky for Life)
* Maryland (Multi-Match, Bonus Match 5, Pick 4, Pick 3)
* Massachusetts (Megabucks Doubler, MASS CASH, Numbers Game, Lucky for Life)
* Michigan (Classic Lotto 47, Fantasy 5, Daily 3, Daily 4, Keno!)
* Minnesota (Gopher 5, Northstar Cash, Daily 3)
* Missouri (Lotto, Show Me Cash, Pick 3, Pick 4)
* Montana (Montana Cash,10 Spot)
* Nebraska (Pick 5, Pick 3, MyDaY)
* New Hampshire (Tri-State MegaBucks Plus, Tri-State Pick 4, Tri-State Pick 3, Lucky for Life)
* New Jersey (Pick-6 Lotto, Jersey Cash 5, Pick-4, Pick-3)
* New Mexico (Roadrunner Cash, Pick 3)
* New York (New York Lotto, Pick 10, Take 5, Sweet Million, WIN 4, NUMBERS, Mega Millions, Powerball)
* North Carolina (Carolina Pick 3, Carolina Pick 4, Carolina Cash 5)
* North Dakota (Wild Card 2, 2by2)
* Ohio (Classic Lotto, Rolling Cash 5, Pick 3, Pick 4, Ten-OH!)
* Oklahoma (Cash 5, Pick 4, Pick 3)
* Oregon (Megabucks, Win for Life, Pick 4, Lucky Lines)
* Pennsylvania (MATCH 6, The Daily Number, BIG 4, Quinto, CASH 5, Treasure Hunt)
* Rhode Island (Wild Money, The Numbers Game, Lucky for Life)
* South Carolina (Palmetto Cash 5, Pick 4, Pick 3)
* South Dakota (Wild Card 2, Dakota Cash)
* Tennessee (Tennessee Cash, Cash 4, Cash 3)
* Texas (Lotto Texas, Texas Two Step, Cash Five, Daily 4, Pick 3,Mega Millions, Powerball)
* Vermont (Tri-State MegaBucks Plus, Tri-State Pick 4, Tri-State Pick 3, Lucky for Life)
* Virginia (Decades of Dollars, Win For Life, Cash 5, Pick 4, Pick 3)
* Washington (Lotto, Hit 5, Match 4, The Daily Game, Daily Keno)
* West Virginia (Cash 25, Daily 4, Daily 3)
* Wisconsin (Megabucks, SuperCash!, Badger 5, Pick 4, Pick 3)
* To view drawing history, tap on lottery game (row)
* To view payout/prize level information, press MENU then select View Game Info
* To change to another lottery state, press MENU button then select Set Location

Smart Statusbar

Smart Statusbar

This app is designed for devices running Android phone version.
Smart Statusbar is the first and only Status bar enabler in full screen app. You can now reveal status bar in any Full screen app with gesture.
Imagine you are watching movie and you want to know what time it is, with Smart Statusbar you can do a finger swipe as you were trying to expand status bar on top of the screen to reveal it. No more back to home screen and leave what you are doing to get info you need in full screen app.
feedback welcome. Note - It doesn't work in Honeycomb and ICS tablet version because there is no such need.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tutorial: Using the UOT Kitchen for Beginners


Who wants to change battery icon and status bar layout, there is a great solution...

Ultimate Online Theme Kitchen ....

My tutorial is tested with GINGERBREAD 2.3.3, so KP8, KP9, KPB and KPE and Villain ROM.... 

For Android 2.3.4 you have to use yours framework-res.apk and SystemUI.apk from XXKPH.... 


Thanks to user xdajohn we know, that tutorial works for FROYO too... maybe rename of UOT .zip file to will be needed.... 

1) After you check what you want (don't forget press "Generate Preview") on the tab "FILE UPLOAD" you have to upload "framework-res.apk" and "SystemUI.apk" which you can download here:

2) On the tab "SUMMARY" press "SUBMIT WORK TO KITCHEN"

PS: "Boot animation" is not compatible with Galaxy ACE.! Also Emoticons and Window Glowing...Maybe later... 

3) After that you will get name for .zip file with your customization on the page 
Generating .zip file can take of 5min to 30min
example of .zip file name: "UOT-05-13-04-27-1"

3) after you get .zip file you have to replace in this zip file "update-binary" (use only Winrar ..!) file location is "META-INF\com\google\android\update-binary" you have to download new file here and replace by this file:

4) don't rename .zip file and copy it directly to the SD card (not at any folder)..

5) turn off phone and restart at RECOVERY MODE - middle button OK + turn ON - hold both buttons until you will see SAMSUNG on the display...

recovery mode:

6) go to "apply sdcard:" and find your .zip file on the SD card 
(for navigation use volume buttons and OK button)

7) after update successes "reboot system now" and thats it...! :-) 

Original Link

Sunday, March 25, 2012

ChargeBar - MIUI Battery Bar by Thomas Barrasso

A customizable MIUI battery bar for any device/ ROM that goes where you go!
ChargeBar is a highly-customizable, completely-free MIUI battery bar application for ANY Android device on ANY ROM, with or without root! Just pick a color (or set of colors), position, height and go!
What makes ChargeBar unique?
ChargeBar is the only MIUI battery bar application that can accurately automatically hide in fullscreen apps (great for those who want to have ChargeBar be translucent and overlay their status bar), and it is the only MIUI battery bar application that lets YOU set what colors you want to display when. No predefined ranges means that you are 100% in control!
What are people saying?
"Well done! Functions perfectly, doesn't kill my battery, and is even BETTER than the MIUI version! Color, height, and position are customizable which MIUI stock never had!" - k4p741nkrunch
"Missed my battery bar so much Thanks for this. Works great on cm9" - questioncom
"Fantastic One of my favorite features from miui. Great job!" - Thelastneo
"Good stuff Works flawless with the T-Mo SG2" - Jon
"Great I've had no problems with it, works 100% as advertised which is great!" - Duder
Why contribute?
If you like this application please consider donating to support development. It takes time to write good applications and every little bit can help. If you do not have a credit card head over to our website, we also accept donations via PayPal! Want ChargeBar in your language? Send us an email!
Settings include:
- The ability to start when the device has finished booting.
- Automatic hiding in full screen applications.
- Hiding in the lock screen.
- Charging animations.
- Displaying a status bar notification/ reminder.
- Changing the color (use a static color or have it changed based on how much charge is remaining).
- Changing the height.
- Configurable position (top, bottom, bottom of status bar).
Find ChargeBar featured on:
ADS: To remove the permanent graphic links to The Seven+ Project, The UltraLinx, and UltraUI, as well as support development, please consider donating!
BUGS/ Suggestions: Please send all bugs and feature suggestions We cannot reply to comments on the Android Market!
Note to StatusBar+ users: to have ChargeBar display OVER StatusBar+ enable StatusBar+ THEN ChargeBar. They appear in the order in which they are started. It may also help to lock/ unlock your device (some devices like the Samsung Galaxy S2 do not overlay these apps as expected).
Icon by Graham Macphee of The UltraLinx, RangeSeekBar curtesy of Stephan Tittel. Thank you to all of our translators and those who have donated.


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

MIUI File Explorer v2.3.7.19

Original Post
Requirements: Android 2.2 or higher.
Overveiw: The default MIUI File Explorer for MIUI ROMs & all other ROMs


Quote from the author, apoonet
I want to extend this app too fast
The only thing that I want from you, is helping me with writing the posts.
I don't have any job for now. so tell me what you want this app to do or what is your idea about theme.
I'll make that.
Believe me please.

Thanks to all of you for writing posts, I'll come back on thursday with a new perfect version

Requires Android: 2.2 and up
this app completely works on cm9 and MIUI
But on the other roms like cm7, some of categories not support yet (working on that). but you can install it and use the other things.

v2.3.7.19 : MiFileExplorer.apk
1. "open as" menu item added (see screenshots).

v2.3.7.18 : removed. download version
1. change refresh icon
2. fixing options menu problem
3. move about page into settings
4. add setting menu item icon 
5. signing problem for ICS users fixed
6. some bugs fixed.

v2.3.7.16 : removed. download version
moving problem in category list fixed. (zipping instead of moving)

v2.3.7.15 : removed. download version
1- Zipping and unzipping added
2- Root explorer added
3- You can change file permissions too 
4- you can rename multiple files
And a lot of changes that I don't remember now and fixing bugs and making new bugs

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Official MIUI Swiperrat Edition

Swiperrats Nest 

Dragon Go! by Nuance Communications, Inc

Dragon Go!
Dragon Go! Just Say it, Get it and Go! Say goodbye to endless blue search links!
Wouldn’t life be simpler if there were one app that you could simply tell it what you want – and it delivered it within seconds? Say ‘hello’ to Dragon Go!
With Dragon Go! you can do more in less time like book your next trip while riding the bus, buy movie tickets as you walk into the theater, go shopping at local boutiques while you wait for your nails to dry, settle a bet at the breakfast table on the square root of Pi, or plan and invite guests to that night’s happy hour – all with just one ask of Dragon Go!
Dragon Go! is finally the friend that truly ‘gets’ you – after all you know what you want, so why not spend more time enjoying the experience and less time searching for it? And only with Dragon Go! do you get direct access to 200+ of the most recognized destinations on the Mobile Web today spanning mobile entertainment and streaming media, social networking, shopping, and every other online content need imaginable simply by using your voice – such as, YouTube, ESPN, LiveNation, OpenTable, Pandora ® internet radio and hundreds of others!
What’s more, Dragon Go’s dynamic Dragon CarouselTM not only delivers you to the best site featuring what you want, it also delivers complementary results that enable you to slide the carousel from side-to-side to compare information across the most relevant sites for your Dragon Go! ask.
For example:
You say….
“Show times for Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” – Dragon Go! delivers you directly to featuring showtimes for your local theaters. The Dragon CarouselTM also enables you to compare results on IMDB, Twitter, and Rotten Tomatoes to get you all the need-to-know information for that movie!
Or say, ‘What are the planes flying overhead?’ and get up-to-the-minute information from Wolfram|Alpha on all the flights currently crossing over your location.
You can also easily share your find with whoever you want via Skype, Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, and many more! And that’s not all! In a place where it’s not convenient to speak? You can also type your Dragon Go! request for the same fast, accurate results! To watch Dragon Go! in action visit
Dragon Go! Say it. Get it. Go!
Please note, for optimal performance we recommend and support Dragon Go! for Android OS v 2.1 through 2.3.7 using the native Android Media Player. Support for Android 4.0+ is on it’s way! For the most current list of supported devices, as well as additional information on how to use Dragon Go!, including tips and tricks, please visit:

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

TSwipe-Pro keyboard by Krich Charoenpoldee (Paid App)

FREE license - feature limited
DEVICE license - 3.99$
EMAIL license - 6.99$
TSwipe-Pro is the 1st Thai/English/Japanese/Spanish/Polish swipe keyboard and window mode keyboard in the world. This keyboard is the most featured keyboard in the market.
support Android 1.6+ and Honeycomb/ICS
- This application can't sell in Android market due to it doesn't support Thailand. If you like TSwipe, you can buy via Paypal.
- There are 5 langs right now but we planed to add more languages in the future.
Tips: Turn off swipe option to use as an ordinary keyboard without trial warning message.
See more detail of TSwipe-Pro from
Please ask question and comment us via
Twitter: @thaicomcenter
TSwipe has the ability to swipe any word without tapping on screen anymore. In a few days of use, you can multiply your writing speed compare to the old style and also feel easy of use too.
TSwipe-Pro has been developed continuously since July, 2010 until now TSwipe-Pro is being accepted in worldwide and we also got awards from True Innovation Awards 2010 and WellcoM Android Application Contest 2011.
Special Features:
- Swiping easier in Window mode.
TSwipe is also the 1st window mode keyboard in the world that able to drag and move floating window anywhere on screen and you can also resize window easily by just pinch-to-zoom.
-Decoration patterns on keyboard
If you are a person who does not like to be the same as the others, TSwipe-Pro can make the difference for you by input pattern image onto your keyboard. And then when you go anywhere, do not worry that someone will definitely like yours.
-Layouts are defined by you to suit your convenience.
TSwipe-Pro allows you to choose any available keyboard layout to suit your convenience. Whatever layouts you choose, can swipe words perfectly.
-Fast Message
This function is designed for reply often used message immediately. You can save any message. So that it can be used quickly by pressing and hold the ENTER button and then select any message you want. All messages can be customized via Settings/Fast Message.
-Fast Word
This function allows you to create a simple sentence easily. For example, when you type a word "he" the system will show "is, does, will,..." automatic so you can select a continuous word very fast without typing any single character. You also can customize to create your own sentences. It’s great flexibility of use.
-Web Key (Wifi keyboard)
The swipe keyboard is the fastest in the world. If it doesn't fast enough for you, you will like "Web Key" feature for sure. "Web Key" help you to input from another device (i.e. computer) through web browser. All text input will be sent quickly to your device.
Other features
-Theme support: also support better, smart keyboard
-Adjust keyboard size
-Navigator Keyboard to control the cursor easier and more convenient for select text, delete, cut, copy and paste.
-Popup pad for Special characters.
-Face Emotion:(-_-), (>.<), (T_T), \(^o^)/
-Mathematical Symbol: ≈, ∆, γ, ∝, φ, d/dx, sin
-Fast Menu: Easy access turn On/Off function
-Backup/Restore settings
-Database editor
-Alternate character / Alternate character prediction
-Multi-tap to type alternate character
-Word Suggestions
-Custom suggestions color
-Voice input
-Languages selection
-Font selection
-Device(Hardware) keyboard mapping
-True multi-touch (Android 2.0+)
-Custom theme color
-Bluetooth/Dock keyboard mapping (Thai/English)