Sunday, March 25, 2012

ChargeBar - MIUI Battery Bar by Thomas Barrasso

A customizable MIUI battery bar for any device/ ROM that goes where you go!
ChargeBar is a highly-customizable, completely-free MIUI battery bar application for ANY Android device on ANY ROM, with or without root! Just pick a color (or set of colors), position, height and go!
What makes ChargeBar unique?
ChargeBar is the only MIUI battery bar application that can accurately automatically hide in fullscreen apps (great for those who want to have ChargeBar be translucent and overlay their status bar), and it is the only MIUI battery bar application that lets YOU set what colors you want to display when. No predefined ranges means that you are 100% in control!
What are people saying?
"Well done! Functions perfectly, doesn't kill my battery, and is even BETTER than the MIUI version! Color, height, and position are customizable which MIUI stock never had!" - k4p741nkrunch
"Missed my battery bar so much Thanks for this. Works great on cm9" - questioncom
"Fantastic One of my favorite features from miui. Great job!" - Thelastneo
"Good stuff Works flawless with the T-Mo SG2" - Jon
"Great I've had no problems with it, works 100% as advertised which is great!" - Duder
Why contribute?
If you like this application please consider donating to support development. It takes time to write good applications and every little bit can help. If you do not have a credit card head over to our website, we also accept donations via PayPal! Want ChargeBar in your language? Send us an email!
Settings include:
- The ability to start when the device has finished booting.
- Automatic hiding in full screen applications.
- Hiding in the lock screen.
- Charging animations.
- Displaying a status bar notification/ reminder.
- Changing the color (use a static color or have it changed based on how much charge is remaining).
- Changing the height.
- Configurable position (top, bottom, bottom of status bar).
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ADS: To remove the permanent graphic links to The Seven+ Project, The UltraLinx, and UltraUI, as well as support development, please consider donating!
BUGS/ Suggestions: Please send all bugs and feature suggestions We cannot reply to comments on the Android Market!
Note to StatusBar+ users: to have ChargeBar display OVER StatusBar+ enable StatusBar+ THEN ChargeBar. They appear in the order in which they are started. It may also help to lock/ unlock your device (some devices like the Samsung Galaxy S2 do not overlay these apps as expected).
Icon by Graham Macphee of The UltraLinx, RangeSeekBar curtesy of Stephan Tittel. Thank you to all of our translators and those who have donated.


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