Tuesday, March 6, 2012

TSwipe-Pro keyboard by Krich Charoenpoldee (Paid App)

FREE license - feature limited
DEVICE license - 3.99$
EMAIL license - 6.99$
TSwipe-Pro is the 1st Thai/English/Japanese/Spanish/Polish swipe keyboard and window mode keyboard in the world. This keyboard is the most featured keyboard in the market.
support Android 1.6+ and Honeycomb/ICS
- This application can't sell in Android market due to it doesn't support Thailand. If you like TSwipe, you can buy via Paypal.
- There are 5 langs right now but we planed to add more languages in the future.
Tips: Turn off swipe option to use as an ordinary keyboard without trial warning message.
See more detail of TSwipe-Pro from www.tswipe.com
Please ask question and comment us via
Facebook: www.facebook.com/thaicomcenter
Twitter: @thaicomcenter
TSwipe has the ability to swipe any word without tapping on screen anymore. In a few days of use, you can multiply your writing speed compare to the old style and also feel easy of use too.
TSwipe-Pro has been developed continuously since July, 2010 until now TSwipe-Pro is being accepted in worldwide and we also got awards from True Innovation Awards 2010 and WellcoM Android Application Contest 2011.
Special Features:
- Swiping easier in Window mode.
TSwipe is also the 1st window mode keyboard in the world that able to drag and move floating window anywhere on screen and you can also resize window easily by just pinch-to-zoom.
-Decoration patterns on keyboard
If you are a person who does not like to be the same as the others, TSwipe-Pro can make the difference for you by input pattern image onto your keyboard. And then when you go anywhere, do not worry that someone will definitely like yours.
-Layouts are defined by you to suit your convenience.
TSwipe-Pro allows you to choose any available keyboard layout to suit your convenience. Whatever layouts you choose, can swipe words perfectly.
-Fast Message
This function is designed for reply often used message immediately. You can save any message. So that it can be used quickly by pressing and hold the ENTER button and then select any message you want. All messages can be customized via Settings/Fast Message.
-Fast Word
This function allows you to create a simple sentence easily. For example, when you type a word "he" the system will show "is, does, will,..." automatic so you can select a continuous word very fast without typing any single character. You also can customize to create your own sentences. It’s great flexibility of use.
-Web Key (Wifi keyboard)
The swipe keyboard is the fastest in the world. If it doesn't fast enough for you, you will like "Web Key" feature for sure. "Web Key" help you to input from another device (i.e. computer) through web browser. All text input will be sent quickly to your device.
Other features
-Theme support: also support better, smart keyboard
-Adjust keyboard size
-Navigator Keyboard to control the cursor easier and more convenient for select text, delete, cut, copy and paste.
-Popup pad for Special characters.
-Face Emotion:(-_-), (>.<), (T_T), \(^o^)/
-Mathematical Symbol: ≈, ∆, γ, ∝, φ, d/dx, sin
-Fast Menu: Easy access turn On/Off function
-Backup/Restore settings
-Database editor
-Alternate character / Alternate character prediction
-Multi-tap to type alternate character
-Word Suggestions
-Custom suggestions color
-Voice input
-Languages selection
-Font selection
-Device(Hardware) keyboard mapping
-True multi-touch (Android 2.0+)
-Custom theme color
-Bluetooth/Dock keyboard mapping (Thai/English)

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