Wednesday, September 28, 2011

[5-23-11] See EMOJI and other fonts! [ROOT USERS]

EDITED NEW FONTS ADDED--- See Subscript and Superscript!!

New files in Red. REMEMBER THESE FILES NEED TO BE NAMED EXACTLY.. if you alter from it this will not work

I have not understood why some Roms installed on phones take up alot of space and others dont, I have had to delete apps after running titanium backup and then reinstalling later... some roms take up alot of space.. you will have to remove things from your phone at your own risk.. this is not a tutorial for that aspect of it, but folks can chime in if they like :-)

PS: If this is the wrong forum.. let me know! ;-)

Ok.. so I did some digging.. I have always wanted to be able to not only see emoji (iPhone emoticons) but also see other fonts and such that come up as square boxes on our androids.. I have asked in here several times for any answers to emoji font and searched the web intensively and got some help, but I have found a solution to see ALOT of fonts and emoji... storm8 games and other aplications are almost a pain to read that are mainly iPhone apps. and that makes them almost unenjoyable... I got the cure!

Ok here you go.. first off..


I make mistakes like anyone else, but I believe this is iron clad.. feel free to ask me if I can be of help! 

EDIT: There is also a keyboard you can get from the market for free that will let you input emoji! Just search Emoji Keyboard 

I know ALOT of people want a unicode.. I havent found one that will show the emoji in color.. this is not color emoji and fonts.. but you see 91% regardless. Now I dont know alot about or licenses or anything like that.. these are two .ttf files I found and then inturn uploaded to 4shared. If it isn't cool.. please make me aware!

Ok.. first thing

1.) Download Font Changer For Root Users App in market… open it up one time then go ahead and close it, you want to make sure it builds a file called .fontchanger on your memory card.. if not then you make it!

2.) Download this file... and put this file on the root of your SD Card. It should say "DroidSansFallback.ttf" We will return to it.

2.A) Download this file it should say "DroidSansArabic.ttf"

2.B) Download this file it should say "DroidSansHebrew.ttf"

3.) You will need a root explorer.. it is found in the market for a penny or two or if there is another root explorer I don't know about.. but it will need to be able to cut copy and delete files in System.

4.) Next download put it INSIDE a file on your sd card called “.fontchanger”. Open .fontchanger and put it in there. It should be named EmojiFont.ttf

5.) Open Root Explorer go to SDcard, find the file DroidSansFallback.ttf and highlight it and copy it, hit back and the go to System/ then open /font folder.. inside that folder you will see a file called DroidSansFallback.ttf.. highlight it and delete it.. you may have to change the top right corner that says mout r/o to mount r/w.. then you can delete it, now hit the paste button to paste the new file there.. Or just hit paste and it will ask to replace.. Do this same thing with DroidSansHebrew.ttf and DroidSansArabic.ttf! Now just back out and close root explorer.

6.) Last step… go to your app font changer.. Highlight the EmojiFont.ttf and run it then it will ask for reboot.. do it.. guess what YOUR DONE!!

I tried to make this as simple as possible for you folks, good luck and if it does.. a thanks is more than enough!!

What it will look like in the end... Just a small sample:

Those tiny emoji (pictures in the names) were all square boxes before... as were alot of those fonts used in those names, you get the idea.