Tuesday, October 18, 2011

[SKIN][04.07.2011] Skins for HTC Sense 2.1 roms

Q: Skins for my Froyo Sense rom don't work.
A: Skins for Froyo HTC Sense 2.0 are here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=801928

Q: Skins for my Thunderbolt 4G, Incredible S, Desire Z or Desire S Gingerbread Sense 2.1 rom don't work.
A: Skins for Thunderbolt 4G, Incredible S, Desire Z & Desire S Gingerbread Sense 2.1 latest OTAs are here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1122229

Q: I like your skins so I post "THANKS! THANKS! THANKS!!!!!!!"
A: I am doing this to please you all. If someone want to thank me, then at the bottom of every post is "THANKS" button, so it's not necessary to post 'thanks posts', keep thread clear. But from other side it's also very motivating for me:P

Q: How to install skin?
A: Well, just install:P (download skin, move it to phone's SD card and with any file manager install it).

Q: How to uninstall skin?
A: Go to Skin Picker (menu where you are choosing skins), press "Menu" button and choose "Delete" option.

Q: Statusbar icons/date are still visible after they are turned off (ghost effect).
A: It's a rom related problem, not fault of the skin. You need to push modified SystemUI.apk & framework-res.apk: go to http://uot.dakra.lt/kitchen/ and the only mod you want is under the 'Status bar' bookmark, tick 'Enable transparency in status bar' and click 'Generate preview'. Go to 'File upload' bookmark and in 'upload your own files' upload SystemUI.apk, framework-res.apk and com.htc.resources.apk from your rom. When your's three files upload to the site go to 'Summary' bookmark, click 'Submit work to kitchen', wait till site cook it and download your now flashable .zip file. Flash it via Clockwork Recovery. Now transparency in all skins will be ok.

Q: Why flip clock don't flip?
A: When flipping animation is on flip clock is using some stock white .pngs for it that are placed in the rom. When clock in the skin is changed then for flip animation the same stock .pngs are used which resulting in glitches. That is why every skin with stock clock will have enabled flip animation and those skins with custom clocks will not.

Q: Why skin is not changing all .pngs that I want?
A: Skins have limited capability in theming look of rom - this is the downside compared to flashable theme. For pros: skins are easy to create, they're covering most of the look of rom, they're light, you don't need root, they're quickly changeable (don't need to reset).

Q: Why skin is downloading as ".bin" file?
A: Because you are using browser in your phone to download skin. Use your PC browser to download or use XDA official Android app and download via it.

Q: I created my skin and after installation it restarts whole system or some stock apps.
A: Check each of .pngs if they are properly named. Couple of times for me skin was restarting whole system because I had double spacebar in one of the names of one .png.

Q: Where did you get those fancy folder icons?
A: Icons: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=646967 & http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=604469. App for folders is SiMi Folder Pro (also Folder Organizer is great).

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