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***How to Root & unROOT Revolutionary*** EASY! UnROOT and ROOT! Updated 11/15/11

Disclaimer: Not responsible for anything that may happen to your device!

We must first gather the tools needed for the process, written and visual step by step below, I am simply not saying “This works better than other methods” but am saying it worked for me and able to replace my usb port on my device at the “S” store. Make sure the sd card is not inside when you take it in? 

Now assuming that your rooted with the latest from “UnRevoked & AlphaRev” with a custom ROM installed on your device, in this case I was currently on “NewToRoot” 2.3.5/3.5 with a custom Kernel. The two zip files below Download and place them on the Root of the SD card, steps below is simply renaming the first one that will be used for removing the “Root.” You can rename them on the computer and place it on the SD or on the device itself, which ever you prefer but cannot have the same file name. Since I am removing UnRevoke & AlphaRev Root, I used the Number one first..

Files and there functions.

1. HEX file: This will remove you Root access and Returns Security on (S-ON).
2. PC36IMG.4.53.651.1 file: This file flashes Boot Loader version from 6.16.1002(mod) back to stock 2.16.0001 and restores stock ROM.

Latest RUU 4.54.651.1 thanking "FOOTBALL"
I will check this for returning to stock if your Evo device is S-ON, BootLoader 6.17 with O/S 4.54 already and cannot return to stock bootloader 2.15 or 2.16.

*How to Unroot your Evo 4G*[/SIZE][/U]

1. Renamed the “HEX” file to “PC36IMG” and placed inside the ROOT of the SD Card, disable FastBoot my case newer rom’s are located inside settings>power>fastboot and stock would be in settings>application>fastboot and uncheck it to disable. Complete Shutdown.
2. Boot to HBoot Screen by Holding “Volume down & Power Button” same time until you get to the white screen with your device info and “Revolutionary” ontop.

3. After system scanning, It will ask “Parsing?” select “Yes” by using volume up key.
4. Done!

What just happened? “Unrevoked & AlphaRev” root is now removed, Boot Loader remains the same with your Security now enabled “S-ON.”

Now there are a lot of way’s to proceed in loading the most updated version of the Stock Rom or RUU from “S”, but for now I will use what was documented(Documentation Beats Conversation). From removing the Root and putting Security On(S-ON).

Boot Loader Flashed and Return to Stock!

1. Reboot system and not forgetting that I am still on a Custom Rom, renamed PC36IMG back to Hex this would allow system not to keep reading it over and over.

2. With the number 2 file PC36IMG.4.53.651.1 file I renamed now, if your inside “Es explorer”(FileExploreApp) you do not need to add .zip to the end of the file since it’s already read as a zip file, simple “PC36IMG.” MAKE sure of it or you will come back and say “It says no image?” or looking like this inside recovery menu

Now upon updating the system partitions, PC36IMG zipped with the latest “S” stock ROM or RUU is going to flash the Boot Loader as you will see in the video guides below, that would be the first step it’s going to take as you will see your device screen turn’s off for like a millisecond and comes back on(Flicker), when it returns as you will look to the top information your Boot Loader is now removed from 6.17.1002(mod) to stock 2.16.0001.
Only takes not even a 1 1/2mins and it will return to all the partitions and starts to update them one by one splash, boot, wimax etc;

ScreenShot From Guide Part 3 of 3 **12:46 to 14:02**

How can I confirm that this is the correct information? Well for one fact, it is the STOCK RUU from the Carrier themselves leaked onto the community, and how can we forget Teams “Unrevoke and AlphaRev” released Root method for Android Version 2.3.3.
I created a Tutorial on it and simply read through the process as I was recording, my device info before rooting is recorded and visiualy documented on video, just looked back at it and it read the same thing on this thread.

I even created 3 part Video GUIDE through this whole process, and show exactly what the step's above talks about.

Part 1 of 3

Part 2 of 3

Part 3 of 3

Steps to prepare device for the following installation below, enable usb debugging goto Settings>applications>development>debugging and select.

usb chord must be able to transfer data, it some cases you will loose this but still be able to charge. check connections usb>device and usb>computer.

Disable HTC Sync or exit out of it but make sure it's not showing on the task bar bottom right corner, and temporarily disable your virus software you may have. For at least 10mins, this method will only take like 5mins.

"PERFER" to use a notepad to COPY N PASTE your Beta key, to paste inside Command prompt(CMD or DOS), copy from notepad and on the black cmd/dos screen click on the "icon" top left corner, menu drops down, scroll down to edit and select paste!

Now let's ROOT your Evo!

Video GUIDE using this method!

1. Download zip "
Donate to these guys who released it today"

2. HTC Fast Boot Drivers

3. Installing "Super user" Flash from recovery, BOTH LINKS ARE FOR THE SAME FILE. OR

How to ROOT you Evo 4G

On to rooting your EVO!!!!!

1.ok so download the revoltionary file and extract it somewhere on your desktop. the executable revolutionary file. will detect your phone's specific serial number. use that to generate the beta key on the revolutionary website.
4.enter the beta key in the revolutionary dos window on your computer. people have been reporting that the key is invalid. so just copy and paste the key from the revolutionary website to the dos window. should then run and do its thing. we need to go and verify that s-off and if you have recovery bootloader then recovery
8.on the hboot screen at the top it should say s-off, if it does then congrats!

next we need to flash the superuser so recovery in bootloader install .zip from sdcard
11.find the superuser file and flash it

time to make a nandroid backup
11in recovery select backup and restore backup
13.after it is done you can reboot


Thank! "AlphaRev and UnRevoke", "XDA", "Captain Throwback", "Football."

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