Wednesday, March 14, 2012

MIUI File Explorer v2.3.7.19

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Requirements: Android 2.2 or higher.
Overveiw: The default MIUI File Explorer for MIUI ROMs & all other ROMs


Quote from the author, apoonet
I want to extend this app too fast
The only thing that I want from you, is helping me with writing the posts.
I don't have any job for now. so tell me what you want this app to do or what is your idea about theme.
I'll make that.
Believe me please.

Thanks to all of you for writing posts, I'll come back on thursday with a new perfect version

Requires Android: 2.2 and up
this app completely works on cm9 and MIUI
But on the other roms like cm7, some of categories not support yet (working on that). but you can install it and use the other things.

v2.3.7.19 : MiFileExplorer.apk
1. "open as" menu item added (see screenshots).

v2.3.7.18 : removed. download version
1. change refresh icon
2. fixing options menu problem
3. move about page into settings
4. add setting menu item icon 
5. signing problem for ICS users fixed
6. some bugs fixed.

v2.3.7.16 : removed. download version
moving problem in category list fixed. (zipping instead of moving)

v2.3.7.15 : removed. download version
1- Zipping and unzipping added
2- Root explorer added
3- You can change file permissions too 
4- you can rename multiple files
And a lot of changes that I don't remember now and fixing bugs and making new bugs

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