Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Post from Google Plus to Twitter and Facebook while mobile

The only work around that I know of lets your Google+ posts also post to Twitter and Facebook. You have to authorize your account and include "Rob McGee" in the G+ posts.
"Rob McGee" is a virtual account and was formerly known as Agent-G. Not sure why the name was changed. Greatest drawback I've found is that if your G+ post includes a pic, it is not included in the subsequent posts to Facebook and Twitter; in those instances you need to manually include a link to where the image is stored (like yfrog, twitpic or imgur).
Credit goes to "ro1224"


  1. This does not appear to be working - tagging 'Rob McGee' in a post containing the authorization string fails to associate a Facebook or Twitter account with the G+ account.

    Is the service just down at the moment, or is it defunct?

  2. It seems to be down right now. Maybe Google, Facebook and/or Twitter changed their API. Hopefully it will be working again soon.