Friday, December 14, 2012

How To Get S-OFF on the HTC EVO 4G LTE!

S-OFF for HBOOT 1.19 or 1.15!

You do NOT have to be HTC Dev Unlocked!
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Once you have S-OFF, check this out!

SOME PEOPLE ARE REPORTING BRICKED DEVICES! So many in fact, that they PULLED the download link. They DID find the root cause on a test device, and were able to replicate it. They are working on a fix, and a way to unbrick your device. As you'll see, it worked for me. I was HTC Dev unlocked, with MeanROM installed. All my apps, my rom, internal (and external) sdcard were untouched by the tool. As always, there are RISKS to doing stuff like this, so proceed at your own risk, and know that if you mess up your device, it's YOUR fault, because YOU'RE the one doing this! :P

I'm telling you RIGHT NOW, HTC will PATCH this ASAP! So if you want to have S-OFF (and keep S-OFF) NEVER, I repeat NEVER apply an official update from HTC or Sprint! The Community WILL take that OFFICIAL UPDATE, and STRIP IT of the new HBOOT and extra crap that HTC and Sprint will put into the update TO KEEP YOU from enjoying S-OFF and etc! I warned people with the Evo 4G, Evo Shift 4G, Evo 3D, and now I'm warning you about the Evo 4G LTE! PLEASE please PLEASE listen to me, as I've warned thousands of people about applying official updates from HTC, yet they STILL press the little install box when there phone says there is an update, and then guess what... They no longer can use easy one click methods like this. Do NOT apply any updates IF YOU want to enjoy S-OFF! That is all. I've said my disclaimer, you're doing this at your own risk. ENJOY!

I was on MeanROM (v0.6) I believe (the OLD base, pre 1.22) and had a 32GB SD Card in my phone, and it worked fine for me. I had S-OFF on the FIRST TRY, no brick for me. This post may help you if you run into problems,

HUGE shoutout to MrSkinny313! I get emails when the XDA Forums gets new threads and the existing threads get updated, and I actually saw that before seeing his comment. BUT if I hadn't, then I would of THEN known about this! So a SHOUT-out goes to him and all of my other loyal subscribers for being so awesome!

THIS is how dedicated I am to you all! I had to leave for work, and I went on my usual morning run. (I experienced a rebirth this year! I literally let my body go to crap, because of the way I felt about myself, and how depressing it was to look in the mirror and open my mouth. But now that I can smile and laugh, I'm getting back into shape) Anyways, after my Run, I recorded this video. I edited out most of the parts of me breathing really heavy because no one wants to hear that. I literally had a 17 minute window to get to work, before I was going to be late! So I did this as quick as I could. I literally finished with no time to spare! I exported the video to my dropbox folder. That way when it's done exporting, it would upload to my dropbox, and then I could download it at work and upload it to here! That's how devoted I am to you guys. I bust my butt trying to get you all the latest and greatest information and updates!! That's my job and that's what I'm here for! If you read all of this, PLEASE leave an awesome comment. I Love Comments!

Here is the link: [XDA]

It's easy! Download the zip, extract it to your desktop, and run it! JUST MAKE SURE that you have USB Debugging enabled and the drivers installed on your computer.

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