Friday, December 14, 2012

Flash Image GUI / EVO3D / Flash Kernels with hboot 1.5!! *ROOT REQUIRED*

Rooting VOIDS your warranty, and if you don't follow directions, you COULD Brick your device permanently! You have been warned! Follow directions, ask questions, and everything should be okay.

The audio was a little off on the video, I'm sorry. It was not my fault.

Please don't take me the wrong way! Some people got their phones exchanged (for whatever reason) and they would give you an updated EVO3D with the 1.5 hboot. My message was only meant for the TONS of people that have came to me saying that they updated their EVO3D and it installed the 1.5 hboot, and now they can't root it (using the Revolutionary method that I used). Please don't take my message the wrong way. YOU CAN root hboot 1.5 but it makes installing kernels a pain unless you use this app or fastboot. I didn't mean to upset the people that were unfortunate to RECEIVE an EVO3D with 1.5 hboot. My message was to all the people that CHOSE TO UPDATE their phone and whine to me. Shall I post screenshots of all the comments saying, "HELP! I updated my EVO3D and now I have the new hboot!"

HTC EVO3D Playlist

Another video on how to install RECOVERY using Flash Image GUI!

This video shows you how to flash kernels and recoveries (even if you applied the OFFICIAL 2.3.4 update that gave you hboot 1.5!)

Flash Image GUI - Get it from SDX for FREE!!!

Or support this awesome developer, and get instant updates!!!

This video was recorded using Screencast for Android!

Top Secret! -

This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

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