Thursday, January 12, 2012

[APP] [THEMED] • Dropbox • ICS • INVERTED • v2.0 01/01/2012

credit: decalex
Dropbox • ICS • INVERTED • v2.0

Updated 01/01/2012

This is the brand new version of dropbox released today in the dropbox forums
They made some tweaks to make it more ICS friendly - so I wanted to invert it and give it some ICS themage.

There's still a few xml tweaks I'll make, but wanted to share for now. I use the dropbox app ALL the time and don't generally like the white backgrounds.
Themed most of the pngs, (subtly) to get to the ICS Blue color, as well as xml tweaks.

Recommended installation:
• Use Titanium Backup
• Backup current dropbox
• Uninstall current dropbox
• Install this themed version normally (it's signed)
• Restore data only in Titanium
• Impress the ladies

Note: you don't have to install it this way. You can install it normally and sign in if you like that better.
Download Dropbox ICS Inverted v2.0


Updated 01/01/2012
Download Dropbox ICS Inverted v2.0

Download Dropbox ICS Inverted v1.3.0.6

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