Friday, January 20, 2012

Alphascope Beta

This is the Socialscope private Alpha you’ll encounter bugs, crashes and force-closes. If you run into issues please report them via the Send Feedback menu or The goal of the Alpha is improve the app through your feedback!
We cannot fix issues if you report them via reviews please send feedback.
Request an invite code at -
NOTE: If you are a Blackberry user you can request access at:
Alphascope currently supports:
- Instagarm
- Tumblr
- Twitter
- Facebook
- Foursquare
Known Issues(please send feedback if you experience any of these):
- Does not support Ice Cream Sandwich
- Notifications aren’t reliable
- Crash when posting a messages
- Posting large images often fails
- Force-closes and ANRs please send feedback from the app when you experience them
- Saving to USB storage is not supported yet
- The Instagram API does not support picture posting
- Cannot post to friend’s Facebook wall posting
- Some Tumblr posts do not display correctly
- Posting pictures to Foursquare isn’t supported

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