Friday, June 8, 2012

Revolution Theme - CM7 theme (HDPI+M/LDPI)

There are a few things I need to tweak, but I thought I'd just get it released.

If anyone wants to port it to MDPI, be my guest. MDPI/LDPI version can be found here I haven't tested it, so let me know!
----------- MDPI Version can be found here credits to amri----------

Massive credits goto jasonevil, zdunex25, all the free to use image PSDs out there! v-Xemnes label theme, Tjdyo for his iphone theme. more that i've probably forgotten :/

There are a few bugs out there, still some orange things hanging around that I need to change. You really need to have a transparent status bar to use this Theme to it's full effect and use zdunex25's notification xml change app. (i'll post the link later.)

Chargebar is used for the battery status and battery icon is switched off in CM7 settings. 360 modified launcher is the launcher too.

You can download it here 
or in the attatched.

Let me know what you think.

Edit: To address some peoples issues, this theme will be mainly orange if you're on MDPI, I have not modified this theme for MDPI phones. I may get round to it, but It will be orange.

To fix deskclock issues use the fix found here

The launcher used is my own version of 360 launcher which you can download here
Credit to Taine0

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