Tuesday, June 12, 2012

CM7 Transparent Statusbar Center Clock (Windows users)

Well long time ago I created theme called MEIZU and some time ago I created theme MIUI, both uses special statusbar tweaks, but I have noticed that many other themers started to use these tweaks in their themes  so I think it's a good idea to open separate topic about it.

What we can do:
enable transparent statusbar
enable tablet buttons
put operator name on statusbar
move clock form right to center on statusbar (idea by Taine0)
enable 2nd image for pulled down statusbar and:
- adjust date
- disable icons

Main window:

1. Browse statusbar tweaks

2. Browse system tweaks

3. Read log

New ideas are welcome 

Remember that some roms needs to install statusbar patch twice, so install patch, reboot (you will lost statusbar), install undo and reboot, then once more install patch, do the last reboot and finally it will work - don't know why that many steps, but tested and works well.
Same for tablet tweaks, but after 1st patch you will get a bootloop, so put off and put it the battery, go to recovery install undo, reboot, install patch again and phone will work like a charm 

Download: http://zdune.mod2xtreme.com/android/...ows_by_Z25.zip

Credit to ZduneX25

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