Monday, April 30, 2012

Swype Theme Donation Breast Cancer


This theme is for donations only and all will be forwarded to the breast cancer society. I will send a copy of the donation to your email to confirm that it was actually donated to breast cancer!!
This is also dedicated to my mother who has survived breast cancer and the others who have and have not survived!!! 
Special thanks to Tony and Amy who requested this theme. He goes by Tonysil on XDA. If you see him on there thank him as well for the request! 
Link to Donation for the theme and Cancer:
Minimum $5 donation!!!
Once your payment is confirmed and NOT pending you will receive an email with the payment confirmation and link to the APK. 
Give me some time to forward the donation and give you the confirmation reply from the cancer society. I will submit donations once a week to their site:
I will update this theme as long as I can with the swype updates but cannot guarantee it will look the same with any major changes to the app. This will be only supporting  the languages I have available! Please try my other swypes on the other page HERE before getting this one so you know it works for you and your language. THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS!!!
Thank you!

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