Saturday, November 12, 2011

Android Apps In Depth - 02 - Go Launcher EX

A look at Go Launcher EX created for the Go Launcher EX Market page. Go Launcher EX is a nice home screen alternative to manufacturer skins (e.g. HTC Sense, Moto Blur, Samsung TouchWiz) which offers lots of customization. The best part, it and its themes are free! 

Also mentioned, Beautiful widgets, and BattStat, both available in the market place. Icons came from XDA Developers, which is a great resource for people who want to go a little further with their Android devices. Note, even though I'm using an EVO 4G, this home replacement app will work on MOST Android phones.

Go Launcher Homepage -
XDA Developers Homepage -
Icons - Electro Icons -
Wallpaper - Universe Wallpaper -
My Other Channel -
My Homepage -

Market Pages
Go Launcher EX -
XDA Developers -
Beautiful Widgets -
Beautiful Widgets Animation Package -
BattStatt Free -
Date In Tray -
Cartoon Theme -
Wood Theme -
Sketch Theme -
Ink Theme -

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